Our Fees

Determining a custom-tailored, right fit

The following details outline common characteristics of the individuals, as well as the planning needs that determine which level of planning they wish to engage. While Level’s 1 – 4 do require the bundling of services to ensure a full picture for the best advice, the hourly rate may be a transaction or situation-only based analysis. You may fit the following categories if:

Start The Clock – Hourly Planning
• You are wondering how and where to save, or need budgeting and cash flow management
• You are reviewing a major purchase such as a new home, business or investment property
• You are seeking advice on investments and/or existing holdings
• You are starting a family and determining insurance and estate planning needs
• You need assistance in determining college education funding strategies
• You are reviewing debt repayment strategies and/or financing opportunities
• You need tax advice on certain transactions (Stock Options, Real Estate, Stocks and Securities, Business succession & acquisition, etc.)
• You are looking for insurance guidance and coverage analysis


Level 1 Planning 
• You are interested in reviewing the timing and ability to retire
• You want to be more in control of your overall financial well-being
• You have established adequate savings and are currently funding 401k/IRA accounts
• You want objective tax and/or estate planning strategies
• You value ongoing reviews and advice, as well as organization of financial documents


Level 2 Planning
• You have the similar traits of Level 1 but with more complexity
• You have a business and need assistance with benefits selection or review (Health, Retirement, Deferred Non-compensation)
• You are nearing retirement and need advice on distribution strategies
• You have existing estate planning documents and insurance that need review
• You are currently retired and looking for strategies to maintain income and independence
• You are planning for charitable gifts or family legacy planning


Level 3 Planning
• You have the similar traits of Level 2 but with more complexity
• You are well-established in your career and have a moderate level of assets
• You have received an inheritance, settlement or windfall and need financial advice
• You have employer-provided stock options or significant deferred compensation
• Your net worth consists heavily of income producing real estate or passive businesses


Level 4 Planning
• You have a highly complex financial situation or have a high service need
• You have a large estate and complex trusts or insurance policies
• You are an executive/owner of a publicly-traded company or private company with significant ownership
• You own sophisticated investments or control assets in foreign countries and currencies