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Determining a custom-tailored, right fit

The following details outline common characteristics of the individuals, as well as the planning needs that determine which level of planning, they wish to engage. While Level 1-4 do require the bundling of services to ensure a full picture for the best advice, the hourly rate may be a transaction or situation-only based analysis. We work with successful professionals with busy schedules across the country and are willing to meet in person or via secured virtual meetings depending on your preference. You may fit the following categories if:

Start the Clock - Hourly

  • You are reviewing a major purchase such as a new home, business, or investment property

  • You are seeking advice on investments and/or existing holdings

  • You are starting a family and determining insurance and estate planning needs

  • You are reviewing debt repayment strategies and/or financing opportunities

  • You need tax advice on certain transactions (Stock options, Real Estate, Stocks and Securities, Business succession & acquisition, etc.)

  • You are looking for insurance guidance and coverage analysis

Level 1 Planning

  • You are in the first 10 years of your career or business

  • You want to be more in control of your overall financial well-being

  • You want help on balancing debt repayments while still saving and investing

  • You have built savings and are contributing to Employer Sponsored plans (401k/403b) and/or IRA’s

  • You have started a family and need guidance on education funding options

  • You value ongoing reviews and advice, as well as organization of financial documents

Level 2 Planning

  • You are 10 years of more into your career or business, a Partner or in a Senior Management Position

  • You value annual advice on your personal tax planning around deductions and your investment techniques

  • You have a business and need assistance with benefits selection or review (Health, Retirement, Deferred Non-compensation)

  • You have existing estate planning documents and insurance that need review

  • You are currently retired and looking for strategies to maintain income and independence

Level 3 Planning

  • You have the similar traits of Level 2 but with more complexity

  • You are well-established in your career and have a moderate level of assets

  • Your net worth consists heavily of income producing real estate or passive businesses

  • You are nearing retirement and need advice on distribution strategies

  • You have a highly complex financial situation or have a high service need

  • You have a large estate and complex trusts or insurance policies

  • You are an executive/owner of a publicly traded company or private company with significant ownership

  • You own significant stock options or non-qualified accounts or complex investments

  • You are transitioning your business via a merger, acquisition or public offering

  • You are planning for charitable gift planning or family legacy

Start the Clock – Hourly


Situational Planning Topics

No Required Annual Reviews

Level 1 Planning

$100/Month - $1,200/Year

Comprehensive Goal Planning

One Annual Review Meeting

eMoney Software & Vault

6 Month Check-in & Monitoring

Level 2 Planning

$200/Month - $2,400/Year

Comprehensive Goal Planning

Business/Benefit Planning Review

eMoney Software & Vault

Semi-Annual Reviews

Level 3 Planning

$300-500/Month - $3,600-$6,000/Year

Complex Comprehensive Goal Planning

Estate Planning & Executive Compensation

Coordinated CPA and Legal Advice

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