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When we meet – what to expect

Many times when people come to our firm for financial services, it is a first-time experience.  Very few people know what to expect and this can create anxiety around an already awkward and sensitive topic: money. 

First, our job is to help you decide if we are the best fit for your goals and needs. Based on that, we then want to outline what to expect when you first meet with us. For those who have worked with advisors in the past, we want to share our unique approach so you will know if we are a suitable addition to your financial management needs.


The First Meeting-

More often clients, and I, prefer to meet in person. It’s a great opportunity for us to get to know one another and develop trust from the onset. We realize in today’s busy and connected world that usually a phone call or virtual meeting can also be a great first way to meet if that is more convenient and conducive for a successful professional such as yourself. We are willing to support both means of meetings and we do serve clients locally and across the country through virtual meetings. Our first meeting usually lasts 15 minutes to an hour (depending on your objectives) and my primary focus is to learn a few things about YOU and what matters most:


  1. Your story and background – Personally and Professionally
  2. Your goals, not just financially, but how a sound financial plan can help you achieve the personal wants and needs for yourself and your family  
  3. Where and how do you feel a financial planner can add value?
  4. Your questions about our firm, myself, or any concerns you wish to cover

Moving Forward-

After our discussion, depending on your individual needs, I will propose a custom service outline and planning outline on the objectives and areas most important to you.  The majority of clients prefer an ongoing planning relationship and our fee model is based on that.  However, we do realize you may have a situational or one-time planning need and have an hourly model to service those situations. My practice does have a minimum requirement and this will be fully disclosed during the first meeting. After the initial meeting and/or subsequent meetings, there is no obligation to work with myself and the team.

Client Onboarding-

Each client we work with will be welcomed as a client with assistance from my planning associates. This involves data gathering and information to create your client file. At this point, we will need accurate qualitative data to start working on your financial plan and any investment recommendations. A checklist can be provided. In addition, clients will have access to utilize our householding organizational tool, eMoney Advisor, included in our services. Access will be given prior to developing your financial plan.

Financial Plan & Recommendation Review-

After developing a custom financial plan we will meet to review the plan and there will likely be several recommendations. The reason why professionals work with our team is to free up time and receive personalized and knowledgeable advice to help them reach their goals. With that in mind, many recommendations can be achieved by myself and the team, while some may need to be coordinated with other providers. We will hold clients accountable for completing these tasks, similar to how a fitness coach ensures you wake up at 5:30 am to make it to the gym.  Accountability, knowledge, and organization are other reasons clients work with us!

Ongoing Monitoring & Service-

Once you are a client we will meet on a regular basis and are happy to do meet in person, virtually, or a mix of both.  The timeline of such meetings is determined by you; some clients prefer once a year, others like to at least have a phone call or virtual meeting quarterly. You let us know your preference and we will ensure we meet your service needs. At a minimum, we will update your financial goals and priorities annually, and if you have a major life change. Furthermore, we will be focused on major economic and legislative changes and be in touch if any of those have a potential impact on your goals and personal needs.

Our Asks

What do we expect?  And how can this be a rewarding relationship for us both?

  • Communication: We ask that you please return phone calls and emails to myself and staff.  If we reach out to you, it is usually for an important reason.  We understand and appreciate you being busy and ask for a follow-up within a few days.
  • Openness: We hope our clients see us as one of the most important professionals in their lives. With that, we hope you not only share your goals and ambitions, but your concerns and worries, so we can provide the best advice.
  • Less of an ask, but a hope:  Because families are important, and we care about yours, we hope we can serve as the lead advisor for your parents and/or children.  Oftentimes, clients have goals and financial objectives to support them now or support those they care about in the future. Working with myself ensures everyone can be on the same page.